Vice President

Mr Richard Benyon MP
Mr Garry Poulson

Vice Chairman
Hon Treasurer
Hon Secretary
Civic Matters and Planning Secretary
Minutes Secretary
Hon Membership Administrator and Waterways Rep

Mr Jeremy Holden-Bell
Mr Tony Vickers
Mr Jeremy Holden-Bell
Mr Graham V. Smith
Mr Anthony Pick
Mrs Penelope Lake
Mr Graham V. Smith
Mr Ray Wilton
Mr John Handy

Committee Members

Mr Bernard Eggleton
Dr Paul Bryant
Mr Robert Willis

Former Executive Members

The following people have all made selfless contributions to the life of
Newbury and the work of The Newbury Society and we pay tribute to
them and their work:

Maureen Jobbins
Peter J. M. Davies
Joyce Paul
John Gould
Cyril Hewetson
Howard Bristow
Jack Smith
Mike James